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Sonia Fine Caribbean Art
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About Sonia.

Throughout her award-winning career in catering and gourmet cuisine, as a restaurateur, as well as a designer of cut-work embroidery garments and table linen for local and export sales, the artist satisfied her lingering appetite for art by spending more than just a few vacations at the Louvre in Paris. where she quietly absorbed the works of her favorite artists

Born in the suburbs of St. Andrew and schooled in the island's capital of Kingston, Jamaica, Lewis recalls with delight the blissful summers of her childhood, spent at her Grandparent' home nestled in the salubrious hills of Mandeville, in the island's interior. 

However, it is the images of the old coal stove; intricately handcrafted table linen, the utensils, the many fruit trees with their blossoms, the wildflowers, and the undulating hills that remain indelibly etched in her mind.

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